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    Top 6 Travel Must Have Items That Will Change Your Life

    and you can thank me for later! You always hear people talking about traveling and how much it dehydrates you inside and out. From your throat, to your hands and face, lack of hydration makes you look so tired and worn out. This is why I started experimenting with products that would help me feel less blah after a flight.

    Since I discovered Fresh beauty products I have been fascinated with their quality. Not only are all of there products made with natural ingredients, they also work fabulously. Highlighting their tinted lip balm, rose is my favorite color. It adds the most natural, pouty, moisturizing look to my lips and makes them instantly soft and supple. They have several different tints including nude and honey just to name a few. Did I mention it also has SPF in it?!

    This neck pillow is made out of soft fabric and is stuffed with lavender flowers and flax seed for soothing neck and shoulder muscles. The best part about this pillow is that you can also use it at home and warm or cool it for added comfort and relief. It’s one of my go to’s when I’m feeling overly stressed and/or tired.

    This blanket and eye mask travel set is extremely soft, plush and warm, making you want to cuddle with it in flight. This is also a perfect holiday gift idea that will surely be a hit at the Christmas party.

    This eye cream is like magic. As soon as I apply it, it instantly lifts and firms around my eyes and reduces puffiness it’s fab! It provides just the right amount of moisture around the most delicate parts of my eyes and you only need a small amount of product. Want to know what this Eye balm is also great for? Lips! My secret is I dab a small amounts on my lips and it instantly reduces my lip wrinkles and creates like a smooth barrier over them. It makes my lipstick look awesome!

    No this isn’t a robe so I don’t know why the call it that, but it’s a wool woven throw blanket that has a leather carrier case making it perfect for traveling or on the go. Just flip it over your shoulder and you’re ready to go!

    Another Fresh product that I can’t live without is this floral rose water toner. It’s packaged with a misting cap that literally feels like a mini facial refresher when you mist it on. It’s lightweight on your skin yet so moisturizing, sometimes a few mists is all I need to feel instantly refreshed. It provides the perfect pick me up for your skin and gives it an instant glow.

    Give these items a shot and tell me which one is your favorite. I live by these and not only use them when I travel but with my everyday routine as well so tell me what you guys think!