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    How To Make The Perfect Peach Martini

    Peach Martini

    Learn how to make this vodka peach martini with only three ingredients! This is one of my go to hosting cocktail options (including the famous Moscow Mule or the Cadillac of all Margaritas) because it’s so quick to prepare, I don’t have to spend hours playing bartender and I can focus on perfecting new recipes for hor d’oeuvres. It is such a crowd pleaser but if your guests don’t fancy vodka, you can substitute gin for those who prefer an earthy/not so sweet kick or rum for those who fancy a sweetly smoother taste; Either way, you will have them begging for seconds…thirds….etc. 😉

    This recipe came to mind as I was sitting on my couch after a long work week. It was the a hot summer afternoon and I was craving one of my favorite aloe drinks. I was exhausted, hot, and my brain was going 100 miles an hour and as I usually do on Fridays, it was time for a drink. That is when it occurred to me; I am going to mix my favorite aloe drink with my grey goose, (which is what I currently had on hand) and then…mind blown!

    Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

    The Perfect Peach Martini

    • 1 part Vodka, Gin, or light Rum
    • 3 part peach aloe vera juice of choice
    • 1 lemon slice for garnish
    • Sugar for rim
    • Ice

    In a shaker, combine ice, vodka, and aloe juice. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds and set aside. Cut lemon in half, then cut a slice and set aside for garnish. In a chilled martini glass, use lemon to lightly soak rim and dip glass into sugar ensuring to lightly and evenly coat rim. Strain and slowly pour cocktail into glass and finish with lemon slice garnish.

    Below are some pictures of the ingredients I used but feel free to use whatever your taste buds desire!

    I hope you guys enjoy this recipe and let me know on the comments below how it turned out. I do love seeing picture as well! Cheers!