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    New Years Eve Dresses Bring You Luck?

    person holding sparkler

    Am I the only one who buys a dress every New Years to bring on good luck? I can’t be! I am a true believer that if I think positive vibes and welcome the new year with open arms then good things are sure to come my way.

    Let’s get something straight though, this isn’t a New Year, New Me type of post so don’t stop reading just yet. I was talking to my cousin who came in from Mexico to visit for the holidays and she confessed to me that she too buys a new dress every year for good luck; Something we both didn’t even know about each other I might add. Anyway, somehow we were doing the same thing each year, around the same time, and searched for the perfect New Years dress with 1000+ miles of distance between us.

    Sure, we are related after all and it makes sense that she too would be doing and thinking the same as I had been, but it got me thinking as to how many other women around the world did the same thing. Call it superstition or maybe wishful thinking it’s not important but what is important is how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel elated and motivated to welcome the new year then do what you gotta do. Buy that new dress, wear those funky socks, and put that lucky coin in your pocket because at the end of the day, if it help bring you comfort, then that’s all that that matters.

    What To Wear For New Years Eve?

    I have found some New Years Eve worthy dresses that will undoubtedly turn all eyes on you; So fear not, I’ve got you covered!