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    Latest Nail Design Trend 2019

    This bold statement nail design is simple but has so much meaning if you know what it stands for; That’s  right, it’s the BMW “M” logo! A symbol that is well known and respected throughout the world, these three stripes will give you goosebumps when you hear their engines roar. I wanted to pay an homage to the ultimate driving machine and figured a nail design would be an easy way to highlight the stellar BMW brand but more so the “M” performance.

    Keep scrolling to see the finished nail art photos taken by my friend @sara_abrams below…

    BMW M nails

    photo cred: @Sara_abrams

    My nail artist @nailslesiem and I decided to use a champagne colored sparkle base to replicate a paint color that BMW actually offers for some of their models. We then decided to draw the accent colors on both ring fingers. All gel polishes were used for this creation to preserve and prolong the manicure.

    m nails

    photo cred: @Sara_abrams

    Let us know how much you love it and show my friend Leslie some instagram love!

    Daphne celeste