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    Las Vegas: Bachelorette Weekend Tips & Tricks

    Wedding Season Is Around The Corner; That Means, Bachelorette Celebration Mode Levels Are On High!

    Las Vegas Is One Of the Most Sought After Party Places In The World and no matter what the occasion, birthdays, bachelor party, vow renewals, if you are looking for a fun, drunken, all in celebration, Vegas is the place to go. I am lucky enough to live about 5 hrs away from Vegas and visit quite often. It is one of our favorite quick get-away trip destinations because it’s so close and the drive there is totally relaxing. (At least for me anyway).

    Me a few years ago at the signature suites at MGM

    Because I have been to Vegas so many times, including for several bachelorette parties, I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I wish I would have been told the first couple of times I visited. Trust me, I would have saved a ton of money, a ton of time, and a ton of sunburns! These tips are mostly for my ladies, hence the title of the post, because we gotta stick together right?!

    • Vegas Tip No. 1: Wear Comfy Shoes Or Pack A Replacement Pair

    Objects may look closer than they appear. By objects I mean, hotels, restaurants and shops really. Everything looks so close so you plan to walk to the hotel just 2 buildings down and literally 40 minutes later, your feet are starting to ache. This sad story happened several times I was in town and I ended up with sores and achy feet after only the first day! Ugh! So whatever your plans are, and you decide to wear heels, pack a pair of sandals or flats in your purse because you do not, and I repeat, do not want to be one of those girls walking around the strip barefoot with heels in hand because your feet can’t take it anymore.

    • Vegas Tip No. 2: Keep Hydrated

    I’m telling you this for your own good for real. Last Vegas trip, I was with my girlfriends at Wet Republic, It’s a pool party spot at the MGM hotel, and one of my girlfriends ended up being hospitalized within a couple hours of arriving due to her drinking alcohol and not being hydrated. She got an IV and hundreds of dollars later, she will never forget that trip. So drink up! I would recommend ordering water with each cocktail you order and pace yourself. The desert heat is no joke and really doesn’t help the whole hydration thing.

    • Vegas Tip No. 3: Please Wear Sunscreen

    If you aren’t already conscience of your skin and the sun’s harmful rays then consider doing so while in Vegas. Don’t forget that Vegas is a desert and the sun and heat are not messing around. Especially around summer months, I happened to be in town one time around July and temps reached a high of 107 degrees Fahrenheit! Talk about hot!

    • Vegas Tip No. 4: Pre-Game Drink

    This rule has literally saved me hundreds of dollars per Vegas trip each time you have no idea. Drinks are expensive on the strip especially if you buy drinks at a club or a swim up bar, I have seen them as expensive as $35 dollars per cocktails! Yup, $35 bucks, who has that kind of “No F**ks given” mentality these days to justify that much for a mixed cocktail; crazy! What I usually do is stop at local liquor store on my road trip there. I stop at the same liquor store in Mesquite, and stock up on what Im going to drink for the weekend, and also what I am going to take home with me and save for later. I also decide which liquor I will be drinking and stick to it my entire stay. For example, somedays I’m feeling Vodka, other days I will stick to champagne, whisky, etc. that way, I only have to buy 1 bottle and mixers and save more money that way. You can also stop at a local liquor store outside of the strip if that’s easier for you but BYOB to Vegas and your wallet will thank you later.

    • Vegas Tip No. 5: Bring A Light Sweater Or Jacket

    This sounds so bizarre I know, but because the outside weather is so hot, hotels and casinos like to keep their buildings extra cool and chilled. That being said, it can get chilly when gambling or having dinner; chilly enough to make you want to go outside just to get some blood flowing again trust me! So just pack something light.

    • Vegas Tip No. 6: Gambling? Stay Away From The Machines

    There are thousands of people that walk through casino floors with hundreds of machine perfectly placed along side lighting the path. Don’t let them fool you, these are placed here strategically and purposely to entice you to play and try to instill confidence that you will end up winning if you just insert those $2.00 dollars. Let me just tell you that your odds of doubling your $2 bucks are next to nothing. What I would suggest doing is playing the tables: Roulette and blackjack are my go to’s and is where you have the best changes of winning with smaller risks. Sure you might not be able to play as long and can cost you more money the longer you stay, but the winnings could be worth it.

    • Vegas Tip No. 7: Wear A Swimsuit Cover Up

    Most hotels and casinos have a short walking distance from your room to the pool area and believe me when I tell you this: Nobody wants to see you walking around in a two piece through the lobby, casino, Starbucks, buffet, around the corner passing the crepe shop, gift shop, through a long walking corridor, and finally arrive outdoors to the pool area. It’s not cute, so cover up.

    So there you have it, these are the things I make sure to do in order to have a fun Vegas trip for whatever occasion. The most important thing to remember though is to make memories and be present in the moment because how we felt will last longer than any selfie I promise.