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    First Time Traveling To Cabo San Lucas & This Is What You Shouldn’t Miss

    San Jose Del Cabo San Lucas is a magical city within Mexico that is a must see. I had the pleasure of visiting twice so far and every time I leave, I’m already planning on when I should be returning. One of my best friends decided to move there a couple of years ago so naturally I wasn’t going to go long before visiting her; I found myself booking a flight a few months after her departure so keep reading if you want some local insights because there’s no better insight than that.

    If you live in SLC, direct flights are available and are so convenient, it’s only a 2.5 hour flight so you arrive in no time. Wasting time isn’t my forte and I’m pretty sure it’s not yours either so naturally, this is the route I took but you do as you please. 😌

    This popular vacation spot is a gem that has managed to preserve its local Mexican charm despite the high volume of tourism. From the beaches to their food, the wildlife and architecture, everything is picturesque and charming. Depending on what type of vacation vibe you are going for, you can choose to stay in “La Zona Hotelera” which is the “Hotel Zone” where most 4 and 5 star resorts are located along the coastline. They tend to be a little more expensive but the views and services are worth it. If you prefer a more “Catering to tourists” feel, then this is where to stay. There are upper scale options walking distance or a short ride from the beach with just as many amenities including apartments, homes, condos situated along the inside of a mountain named “El Pedregal” with breathtaking views of the Marina and ocean below.

    One thing to know is that many locals and tourists have purchased property in Cabo and rent their places at affordable rates, many with private pools and large patios so don’t forget to check those options as well.

    What Not To Miss In San Jose

    The famous arches or “Los Arcos de San Lucas” are are must see. They are arch type rock formations surrounded by the ocean. The arches have been featured in a few films including scenes from the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” You can take an hour boat tour from the marina for about 30 USD per person where they take you up close including beautiful views of lover’s beach. You may even get to see some seals sunbathing on one of the rock formations and even whales depending on the season, which brings me to the next not to miss: Whale watching tours and sea turtles. Similar to the arch tours, the whale tours gives a close look at whale families migrating through Cabo; It’s incredible. As far as the sea turtles, they come to shore, lay their eggs, and you watch them hatch right on the shore, then you see the little guys start to wobble their way back into the ocean it’s the cutest thing ever!

    Feel like swimming with the dolphins? Learning how to scuba dive? Maybe renting your own boat and have a romantic cruise dinner for two? Wanna cruise around the city in a side by side instead? The activities are endless and mostly accessible via the Marina or through your current resort.

    Ready to eat? Take a short ride to downtown Cabo where you will find several restaurant choices along with shops, night clubs, coffee shops and more famously the art walk San Jose del Cabo, an art festival that goes on weekly in town square. I ate at the dreamiest restaurant named Jardin Secreto which means “Secret Garden” and let me tell you, that the restaurant alone with knock your socks off. Imagine walking into a cement two story building with no roof with fireplaces and candle light through out. Vines growing on the walls and florals everywhere; It was a jungle paradise! Another delicious place I recommend is a farm to table restaurant named Flora Farms. With fresh organic ingredients grown locally, not only do you enjoy freshly prepared foods but you get to relish in the beautiful farm land. Highly recommend!

    Ready to party? There are several bars playing live music, walk a little further and you will see night clubs with people lined around the corner waiting to get in. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs with live bands, karaoke, craft cocktails and even a wine and beer bar. Cabo nightlife is underrated and I promise that once you check it out, you will be pleasantly surprised as was.

    What Not To Miss In Todos Santos

    About an hour drive from San Lucas, there is a small town names Todos Santos. Rent a car and spend a day there I promise you won’t regret it. This small town has many restaurants, artisan shops and treats that truly make you feel an indescribable comfort. The locals are very cordial and friendly, and in fact, a lot of locals living in this town aren’t originally from Mexico. We found a charming casita for rent with a private pool, located a few minutes away from the beach; It was bliss. Todos Santos was one of my favorite parts of the trip despite the crazy insects and bugs everywhere; It is a desert after all guys! I bought some beautiful handmade ceramic planters and some wooden toys for my nieces and nephews so shopping is a must. Also, don’t forget to visit Hotel California!

    Over all, this trip was exactly what I needed to shake off the quarantine blues and get my head back in the game. Don’t forget to check out my other travel adventures like Catalina Island or my favorite beach destinations.

    Happy travels,

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