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    My most recent trip: Catalina Island

    This Catalina Island Vacation was exactly what I needed.

    Every time I go to California I tell myself I will take a ferry and make it to the island but for whatever reason I never do. This time I specifically planned my 4 day trip and cherished every moment of it. This quaint little town was so charming I felt relaxed without a care in the world. It wasn’t easy but I managed to fit everything in my carry on too! (I’m quite proud I must admit). This is how I effectively planned my weekend getaway outfits.

    No cars just golf carts?

    That’s right, golf carts are how locals/tourists get around! Which I didn’t realize until l I got there so it was a sweet surprise. It reminded me of a small island in Mexico, Isla Mujeres, where they too used golf carts to get around. We stayed in Hotel Catalina in the city of Avalon. The hotel was perfectly located within walking distance to downtown where we spent most of our time savoring local flavors and enjoying local brews.

    Click through the pics to see the highlights. What’s your favorite thing to do in Catalina? Enjoy!