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    California Adventures: Lake Forest

    The Next Adventure Awaits: California Here I Come!

    I have been to California several times; To Anaheim for Disney Land, to Long Beach, Catalina Island , San Jose, Santa Barbara. Alas, California is such a large state with so many cities one has to make several trips in order to get a taste of what this beautiful state is all about.

    This Trip Was All About Lake Forest And Its Surrounding Cities

    Accompanied by my step mom and step brother, this trip was much funner than I ever imagined. From the delicious foods, to the attentiveness and hospitality from the locals, it was more than expected. (Let’s not forget the wonderful weather.) ? There is so much to do in California I wish we could have stayed longer than 5 days, however we did see a lot of things.

    Whale Watching in Newport Beach

    I found a Groupon for a whale & Dolphin watching cruise tickets from Davey’s Locker that I had to take advantage of. Let me tell you that I didn’t expect to see any whales or dolphins but I figured a nice little 2 hour cruise would give us just enough time to relax at sea. To my surprise, we saw a whale family of 4 migrating to Cabo (according to the tour guide). It was incredible I was speechless. We cruised at a slow speed and observed these majestic animals as the slowly coasted next to our boat without hesitations. If you follow me on insta, you saw the video on my story and how cool they looked so I won’t go into too much detail just watch my mini video below!

    Wine Tasting In Laguna Canyon Winery

    Let me just get this out of the way now, I used Groupon and Yelp for most of my trip. They both helped so much in regards to local dining and things to do it saved me so much time legit. On that note, I found a Groupon for a wine tasting in Laguna Canyon that included 10 wine tastings, two bottles of wine for take home, and two glasses. I took advantage and drove the 6 miles from our hotel into a beautiful picturesque mountain side with local shops, restaurants, and businesses. All of the wines we taste were delicious and the location and decor was very cool. Will definitely be returning soon without a doubt!

    Shopping At Fashion Island & Irvine Spectrum Center

    If you haven’t been to either shopping center before you are missing out. What I love about the Irvine spectrum center was that there were so many local shops and  restaurants to choose from. They had similar options at fashion island but was definitely more upscale. I fell in love with R & D kitchen, Where I had their most popular pomegranate martini with an ahí tartar to die for.

    What I enjoyed most about Irvine spectrum was the dining; Oh Em Gee the dining!  I hit cocktail hour at Javier’s where I ate this delicious lobster quesadilla paired with a martini of course. The restaurant that left me most impressed and in aw was Habana. They really thought this whole place out with no detail left out. From the chairs, to the napkins, their water glasses and stamped coconuts, they really did an awesome job. The food was also delish and will definitely be returning a third time. ( Yup I dined there twice and loved it just as much as the first.)

    Don’t take my word for it however, check out California for yourselves and let me know how it goes!