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    As I prepped for Catalina Island (My most recent trip) and gathered all of my travel essentials, I realized something, well several things as I meticulously packed my outfits. While organizing my accessories and pouring the bathroom essentials into travel size bottles, that I needed to upgrade my gear asap. When I purchased my luggage set almost 4 years ago I was so excited about it. It was my first real luggage set that matched my personality to the T. It was black soft shell with red lips, handwritten “XOXO’s”, images of lipstick tubes and makeup all over like a wallpaper. It was perfect! In fact I have a picture with the carry on in my weekend getaway outfits post. Anyway, I could tell they were getting old; The logo was falling off, one of the handles had broken, and the wheels weren’t working too great. It was time to upgrade!

    My Research For The Latest Travel Essentials Had Begun

    and let me tell you, there were so many cool options I was so surprised. I swear back in the day if you found anything outside of the boring solid colors you were ahead (which was why I felt like I had hit the jackpot with my red lips set). I ultimately narrowed down my search to a few items which I added above to give you guys some ideas.

    My first impression of this set was OH EM GEE!! I was in love with everything about it. I love that it has multidirectional spinner wheels and is lightweight, and of course, a marble hard shell case.

    This Ted Baker London set on the top left of the pic certainly stands out from the crowd. I like the fact that the vanity case is a hard shell as well. It makes it much easier to give your back a break by setting smaller bags on top of your suitcase without having to catch it every time it topples over each time you walk.

    Kate Spade always has cute and girly accessories so when I saw this holder, I was hooked. The black and white striped liner really makes it unique and desirable. Pictured in the center above the marble set.

    Okay, this vintage vibe suitcase is so beautiful and am completely obsessed with it. Knowing how I am with vintage items, this new vintage inspired piece was a must have for me. I know this is on the pricey side but if you have a little extra to splurge, I suggest you consider it. They have several color options like the maroon and black on the bottom left of the pic. I am loving the lining on the top right one though, just not sure how clean one will be able to keep the outside of the case.

    Kate Spade strikes again with this adorable metal card holder case. It’s practical, yet stylish and girly staying true to the Spade staple.

    If you prefer something less flashy, I would consider this Rag & Bone card case pictured on the bottom right. I love the small details like the texture on the leather and the small brand printed at the bottom.

    I don’t know about you but I struggle with packing my accessories. My necklaces get all tangled, my earrings get lost and it just becomes one big jewelry ball mess. This Kate Spade black and white striped roll case solves that problem. It has small pockets and compartments to store even my smallest studs. I have zero issues when packing accessories now and it has made my life so much easier. Sad I didn’t discover it sooner!

    My dilemma now is which luggage set to go for. I am set with everything else just can’t decide which set to do! Which do you think I should go for and what are your favorite items?