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    Holidays Got You In A Funk?

    The Holidays Can Be Stressful If You Let Them

    So don’t let them win. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, like who decided to celebrate them all so closely anyways? Regardless, I wanted to share tips that I use every year whenever I start to feel like a giant stress ball; Where’s Santa when you need him?

    Tip #1. Budget

    I can’t stress this tip enough which is exactly why I made it tip number one. Everyone wants to pamper and spoil their loved ones for Christmas and on Thanksgiving, we want to prepare the most elaborate meals with exotic spices and organic meats. New Years? You gotta have a New Years dress that screams “Im gonna dominate next year!” Don’t get me wrong I want all of these things and more but the satisfaction of knowing that Im not gonna start next year broke is worth more in my book.

    Tip #2. Schedule & Organize

    Plan, schedule and RSVP to every event. Whether you are hosting or attending the events, knowing where you need to be and what you need to do helps keep your social life organized.

    Tip #3. Pamper Yourself

    Tis the season for giving and being thankful right? But let’s not forget about ourselves. In order for us to give and be thankful we have to be thankful and giving to ourselves first. So when stress levels start to climb, book a spa day, get a manicure, take a yoga class, read a book, take a spinning class, anything that will help you de-stress. My go to’s are facials, manicures, and yoga.

    Tip #4. Disconnect From Social Media

    For most, this is easier said than done including myself, but seeing how your friends celebrate their festivities can add unwanted stress and friendly competition that will only overwhelm you. Remember that only the happy and perfect moments are shared on social media so don’t think that the holidays are any different. You do you!

    How are you guys de-stressing from the holidays this year? Let me know if you tried my tips and how they worked!