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    Best Fall Manicure Trends for 2017

    Nail polish trend ideas to consider for 2017

    Nature is how I primarily find inspiration for nail colors and when Fall season comes around, my moods and emotions shift. I know, that probably sounds weird but let me explain. You know when the holidays start rolling in and you feel cozy-like and want to cuddle a little longer, curl up by the fireplace, sip coffee and read a good book? Well thats how I feel about Fall, it makes me feel different and changes my mood.

    My current Fall go to nail colors are..

    plum, gray, taupe, nude, forest green, brown, white, mustard and black. I know, it’s weird that I didn’t mention maroon but I’m just not feeling it this year. I think its over done and tired looking so I’m out! I’m currently rocking the plum which is pictured above. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these colors as they all compliment each other in their own ways. With taupe, I love to sip on Moscow mules.

    Manicure inspirational trends that will make them look twice

    A Fall manicure trend that I’m loving is the half painted nail. Its edgy and funky looking without being overwhelmingly detailed. Simple gold polka dots on the point and ring finger are fab as well and super easy to do at home If you feel up for the challenge. Black glitter mani’s!! Need I say more?

    Which colors are you guys loving this Fall?