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    How To Get Through Heartache: My Five Tips

    Everyone goes through heartache at some point in their life and sometimes it can become difficult to manage and overcome. The constant feelings of loneliness, sadness, negative thoughts, depression, etc. (you get the idea). Relationships are hard work! They require dedication and will in order to keep them moving forward; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether it’s a marriage, a friendship, or even family relationships, they can all become complicated, let’s be real. Not to mention heartache caused by the loss of a loved one; the hardest heartache of them all if you ask me!

    Below Are My Five Tips For Getting Through Heartache

    1. Let It All Out

    Don’t hold anything in; your tears, your emotions, your thoughts, anything! Express yourself and don’t be afraid to let it go. The sooner you realize that not everything in life can be controlled, the sooner you will be able to move on. It is easier said than done, however, you just have to go through the emotional process in order to grow stronger and overcome.

    2. Try To Think Positive

    It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, that the pain is never going to subside and that no one or anything can mend the heartache. This may feel true forever, but these feelings are only temporary. In every situations, there is always a positive; whether it be big or small, there is always a positive. For example, you just argued with your best friend and are no longer speaking. The positive is that you both get to reflect on what happened and take time to properly assess the situation in a “cooled” mental state. Once this has happened you can move towards reconciliation.

    3. Keep Busy

    Now I’m not suggesting you ignore what happened and keep it bottled up inside until it explodes like a shaken soda can, I’m suggesting to not lock yourself in your bedroom for days! Take as much time as you need to yourself and allow yourself to mentally and emotionally stabilize. Once this has happened, try to get back to your normal daily routine. Don’t cancel your gym membership and quit your job! Slowly transition back to work, go to your favorite coffee shop on Saturday mornings and have brunch with a friend. Go back to being you.

    4. Talk To Someone About What Happened

    Talk about what happened with anyone in your life that is a good listener. It can be a friend, a co-worker, your next door neighbor or a guidance counselor. Sometimes just talking about it makes you feel like a huge weight was lifted off of your shoulder; Like someone else is helping you carry the weight and you have assurance that you are not alone.

    5. Don’t Forget About Time

    Time heals everything. Time in heartache situations can be your best asset trust me. As it passes, things become clearer in your mind and you are able to gain a different perspective. It can bring peace to your heart and sooth the pain. Obviously all situations are different and time doesn’t always help you forget, but it does help you feel a little bit better so keep your head up!


    Daphne celeste