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    Spring Fever: Fashion Prints and Colors to Consider in 2019

    Spring is finally here!! I don’t know about you, but I am in serious need of some vitamin D in my life. Most importantly though, I am ready to bring back some spring prints and colors back into my wardrobe.

    Have you noticed that fashion trends go in and out of style? That every few years fashion styles, prints, and patterns make a strong come back? Well this year, the 90’s are back! From biker shorts, to tie die prints, layered spaghetti strap tops with t-shirt underlays, the white tennis shoes with super tall platforms, it’s all coming back to remind us how awesomely stylish the 90’s were (and our childhood for all of us non millennials).

    No.1 Platforms

    Not only am I referring to tennis shoe platforms but platform sandals as well. Do you guys remember the spice girls? Back in the day those girls were killing it! They were setting trends left and right and fashion trends? Let’s not even discuss because everyone was dressing like them. The reason I bring them up is because baby and ginger spice had these ridiculously tall platform tennis shoes that literally looked like bricks attached to the bottom of their shoes, they were intense. Fast forward to 2019, brands like Steve Madden and Keds are starting to add more and more height to their tennis shoes and sandals.

    No. 2 Tie Dye

    Yup! Tie Dye. The print that could make you look instantly tacky or chic depending on how you wear it. Let’s steer clear from the boxy cut tie dye t-shirts you can buy at the swap meet though and consider different alternatives. For example, a tie dye accent headband or a form fitting tie dye body suit with boyfriend jeans and a blazer. Think of ways to incorporate it without letting it take over your outfit.

    No. 3 Dyed Leather Pieces

    I’m all about colored leather and mainly have been obsessing over pastel dyed leathers. I saw a beautiful lilac leather biker jacket with silver hardware that was to dye for! (Get it?) I would stay away from leather pants around the warm seasons because it’s way too hot but a light leather jacket adds the perfect accent to your spring look. I also have seen beautiful leather headbands and and head scarves in all sorts of colors like bone, soft pink, pale yellow that would add some texture to your overall look. Give it a shot!

    No. 4 Leopard Print

    I feel like leopard print goes in and out of style all the time but this year it’s making a strong comeback. From stellar trousers to body suits and tank tops, this is a trend bandwagon you have to jump on. Leopard print isn’t for the weak at heart though, but for the bold, brave, fashion risk takers!!

    No. 5 Stripes

    Trend alert! Stripes! A marine blue and white striped button up blouse is effortlessly chic and easy to throw on with a pair or jean shorts or a fun skirt. Black and white stripes are also making a comeback and pastels with white as well. Quick fashion tip: if you want to look slimmer, longer, leaner torso, look for stripes that are vertical and not horizontal.

    No. 6 Biker Shorts

    This is kind of a weird trend that im not fully on board with yet but omg is it so comfortable! I have paired my biker shorts with a cute flowery a line dress, or even layered jean shorts over them. However, If you prefer wearing them alone, I would recommend wearing an oversized shirt, or an oversized light sweater for a flattering look.

    No. 7 Layered Spaghetti Straps

    Opt in to purchase a mesh quarter sleeve or short sleeved top. Then, pick your favorite spaghetti strap top, and layer it over the mesh and voila! You can also choose a regular tee or a cute cap sleeve to compliment the spaghetti strap top.

    There you have it; Seven spring trends that will surely have people complimenting you left and right, well complimenting you more than they already do anyways! For more fashion Inspo check out my previous post all about dresses.

    Comment below and let me know which trends you’re diggin this year, I would love to see pics too duh! xo.