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    The year 2020 has arrived with a strong message of change & purpose for humankind so if at any point throughout the earlier months you doubted that, guaranteed your doubts aren’t the same.

    I felt it extremely important to speak up about all of these recently passed events as it is so hard not to say anything. In this case, I guess, I should say “write about”?, but you know what I mean. I must confess that I normally do not engage in political debates, or voice my opinions for religious beliefs, or learn about tragic worldly events because it can be so controversial and negative for me, personally; So do not assume this is what this post will be about.

    Now I don’t need to go over everything that has happened because you all have social media, and TV’s, Internet, etc. to stay informed but I do want to know what you are getting from it. How does it make you feel and what, if anything, are you planning on doing to better yourself and help those around you? These have been such trying times for everyone and all of us are being challenged everyday but we need to stay focused and know that all things difficult do eventually come to an end, and result in a blissful ultimate end goal.

    Self care, spread love, equality, empathy, compassion, and understanding. Keep an open mind and get to know people and their perspective. Don’t be so quick to judge. Be mindful, be considerate, and remember that we all live on this planet so take care of it while you’re at it okay! That’s all; Rant over. Let’s talk about it!