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    Layering In Spring?

    Salt Lake City Weather Is So Unpredictable. One minute it’s 70 degrees, sunny with light winds, and literally the next minute, it’s super windy, cloudy, and pouring rain! I mean, whatever, it’s fine the weather can’t be controlled however, how am I supposed to dress for the day? It’s an unsolved mystery every year around spring time and I’m sure that every local struggles to find a comfortable balance.

    I have found that the easiest way to beat this flip flop weather, is to layer your outfits. Put on a light jacket, wear a dress with tights, put on some biker boots or wear a light long sleeve turtle neck. No, I don’t mean put on all of these things on at a time, well I guess you can if you want, but try to mix spring wear with fall wear. A trend I have seen lately and I’m loving is high heeled sandals with funky socks; so cute!

    I chose to pair my boyfriend blazer with a pair of black straight legged pants that I purchased forever ago at Kohl’s, a light weight long sleeved nude turtle neck from Topshop, suede orange chunky heels from forever 21, (which I also purchased forever ago and literally have only worn them a total of 3 times), A pinstriped boyfriend blazer from Nordstrom, with my Marc Jacobs crossbody bag.

    This was my ootd look that I wore to work, and to dinner afterwards to meet up with with the hubby and friends. I found a coral colored red lipstick from Nars which really paid a compliment to my orangy look.

    Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and subscribe!