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    Weekend Getaway Outfits

    Getaway outfits that will actually make you excited to pack!

    I know, hard to believe but I’m sorry, no matter where I’m headed, I always dread packing so I realized that pre-planning my outfits would make me look forward to packing. Here are the tips and tricks I recommend…

    1. Find the perfect airport outfit by selecting the right fabrics

    Fabrics make a huge difference when it comes to comfort as we all know, so stick to breathable stretchy fabrics like a cotton, chambray, rayon, modal, or lycra to name a few.

    2. Pack transitional pieces to make up several outfits

    Especially if its going to be a shorter trip and you don’t feel like checking in bags; taking neutral basic pieces like a skirt, white button up blouse, a tank top, will make your life much easier at your destination. Once you have the basics in place, add a stylish jacket, throw in some killer accessories, and call it a day!

    3. Plan outfits for different occasions 

    Remember to plan for your night looks along with your day looks. Nobody wants to look under dressed for dinner and cocktails!