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    Realistically, Alcohol Isn’t The Greatest For You Particularly If You’re Trying To Live A Healthier Lifestyle; That being said, you can find me somewhere in between living a healthy lifestyle, and not. I want to be able to give into life’s guilty pleasures without feeling terrible about myself afterwards..I guess that is why they do call them “guilty pleasures” huh?😆Anyways! The fam and I decided to have a little picnic in the mountains for Mother’s Day that just passed. I took advantage of the day and decided to wear my sports wear for comfort, and for use.

    I wore a white crop halter Adidas top with a pink Adidas zip up hoodie, black under armor pants, and my new black Adidas hat that has a gold logo which I completely fell in love with btw as soon as I saw it at Nordstrom. After we found a shaded camp spot I took off on my little hiking adventure. It was a beautiful day, about 78 degrees and there was a light enough breeze to temporarily cool you down. It felt great!

    This picture is of me post hike, drinking my aunts favorite beer: Tecate light. I guess that’s why I’m enjoying it so much because it reminds me so much of her. ❤️

    Til next time friends!

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