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    Pastel Blue Manicure

    It’s Officially Spring And My Baby Blue Manicure Announces It!

    What better way to welcome the spring with a baby blue manicure that all will swoon over? As temperatures warm and pastels making their ways into our lives again, I chose this pastel blue to start my week. It’s an Essie polish I purchased last year and only wore a few times. I regret not wearing it more because seeing it on now, just makes me fall in love with the color all over again. This Essie shade is called “Bikini So Teeny.”

    My Previous Manicure Look

    was a frosty silver off-white that I received so many compliments on, I had to re-apply the same shade as soon as it started chipping! In reality, I probably wore that shade for almost three weeks I was obsessed. (Still slightly am not gonna lie.)

    I will be updating my next pastel shade here so stay tuned and see what I have in store! I think you guys will love it; It’s going to be a spring look you will have to try for yourself I promise!







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