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    Manicures & Cocktails

    Oh, Cabana Boy!

    The Perfect Mint Green Shade

    Is right here so look no further! Not too green, not too blue, not to pale, and not too bright. This Ciate gel shade in “pepperminty” will get you compliments left and right and is the perfect call out to spring. I don’t know about you but I am already looking for my “resort ready” wear and accessories. Not to mention I found the perfect red swimsuit that you guys soon will get a taste of and fall in love with no doubt!

    My Favorite Thing About Ciate Nail Polish

    Is the applicator brush. They cleverly made the tip of the brush in an oval shape that perfectly covers the nail bed in one swift swipe. This makes it easy to apply and avoid getting polish on your cuticles. I wish all polish brushes were like this because it honestly makes a huge difference in the application process. Their new gel technology is strong enough to last 3 days without any chips yet light enough on my nail bed preventing them from becoming too brittle and weak like normal gel polish would do. It is a happy gel polish medium that makes it worth your money.





    Have you guys tried Ciate Lacquers before and has the applicator brush made it easier like it did for me? Comment and let me know below!




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