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    Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Did Valentine’s Day Sneak Up On You Like It Did Me This Year? I felt like January went by so quickly as opposed to other years and I don’t know about you, but January usually feels like it’s 39 weeks long! If this isn’t you, then congrats, because that means you already have your Galentine’s Day brunch scheduled, gifts ready to go and neatly wrapped, dinner plans with your better half and gift already picked out and all right? As for the rest of us, keep scrolling to check out some last minute gift ideas that will surely give the impression that it was carefully thought out. Wink, Wink!

    Hope this helps spark some last minute gift ideas. If you are looking for something more personalized, check out my made you blush previous post which highlights handbags, dresses, and heels featured in that perfect Valentine’s Day hue.

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