Connecting Flight Equals Pamper Delights

Connecting Flights, Delays, Layovers; They Are All Nightmares 

But I have figured out a way to make the best of them though a method that not only helps kill time, but refreshes my skin while relaxing and de-stressing me. Aside from the airport lounge cocktails 😉, mini facial kits have become my best friend. I have found that almost every brand has travel size products available for purchase so picking your favorites for carry on will be easy.

There are several travel essentials that I cannot go without, especially those that help make my trips more comfortable; one can never be too prepared for a vacation. This is why I recommend packing for an express facial… trust me it will change how you travel 100 percent!

The brands that I’m loving the most right now are Claudalie and Fresh products. Claudalie is all natural and less chemically than other skin care brands with a refreshing and clean scent. They have a patent formula derived from grape seed that helps slow the aging process of the skin. Fresh products are also all natural and are famous for their facial masks, some of which are made with real rose petals and strawberry seeds. If you haven’t tried either of these skin care brands you should give them a shot. In fact, if you shop at Sephora often and are a beauty insider ( a free points system that gives you points for every dollar you spend), after accumulating so many, they give you free samples including Claudalie and Fresh products.

Introduction to Claudalie


This cleanser is very light weight and cleans my skin really well. It removes all of my makeup including my eye makeup without and irritation or dryness. If you prefer a cleanser that has more density and weight to it, I would recommend their cleansing milk.

This mask brings back the life to my skin. I usually leave it on for 5-10 minutes and my skin instantly looks more supple with color and oomph. It gives my skin the perfect moisturizing natural glow.


Finish off with this moisturizing facial cream. A little goes a long way with this creamy gem. I like to gently pat and roll my fingers through my face as opposed to rubbing it in, I feel like I put on and take off product as soon as I go over it if that makes sense.

Don’t forget your lips! 👄 They need moisture lovin’ too!

Introduction To Fresh Beauty Products

Now that you have an idea of what to expect with Claudalie’s product line, I want to dive into Fresh. I like that Fresh offers product kits that you can customize to your skin, combine and purchase for a discounted price. Below are examples of the products that I use but of course you can use whatever works best for you.

This gentle cleanser  easily removes my makeup without feeling heavy or harsh on my skin. It’s light weight consistency makes it easy to apply and does a great job removing my mascara. This product is one of my favorites.


I have used purchased these products over and over again because I can’t get enough of them. After taking off my makeup and washing my face with the soy cleansing milk, I start with the Umbrian clay mask. It’s a dark grey color that feels cool once you apply it to your face. I leave it on for about 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water. I then apply the sugar face polish. This face polish is gentle enough for everyday use since the strawberry seeds are super fine. I do a small circular motion around my entire face (avoiding my eye area) including my lips and let it sit for another 5 minutes; Then rinse with warm water. Lastly, I apply the rose face mask. This mask brings the moisture back into my skin and soothes while it also tones my skin. This product has real rose petals which are essential for skin hydration so its literally petal soft skin. All of these products smell amazing by the way!!


Finish off with this hydration face cream that helps my skin come back to life. It brings back the plumpness of my face and really brings back the moisture to my face its incredible. It smells like roses which I totally love! It’s a win win really. 😉🌹

If you haven’t tried the sugar lip treatment from Fresh you are missing out!

Let me know what you guys do to kill time at the airport; One can never have too many ideas!


This is the moment you realize that flight delays aren’t so bad after all. 😘


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