Halloween Costume 2017

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays

Every year I go all out. I decorate with tons of skulls, witches, ghosts, cobwebs, goblins, spiders…well you get the point, so this year I chose to rent my costume from a local costume shop. Last year I was Sia with the black and blonde wig over half my face and all. Anyway, we played dress up for hours trying to figure out what I wanted to be ( I had no idea) and decided on a…

Saloon Girl!

Hubby also rented his costume to match and yes, we are sitting on a human horse! haha


I always wanted to be one but I could never find the perfect costume so when I tried on this dress, I was sold! What really pulled the look together was the feather head piece which I got so many compliments on. The best part, was that I was so comfortable! Because lets face it, almost everyone is uncomfortable in costumes so I was set. I chose black glitter polish for my manicure πŸ˜‰.

What are you guys planning on dressing up as this year?




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