Manicures & Cocktails

My Current Go To Cocktail Is…..

The ever so popular Moscow Mule.

The Moscow mule has gained so much following recently and for good reason. It’s crisp and refreshing; Tastes so smooth and the ginger bite in the end always hits the spot. The ingredients are simple making it an easy host drink without having to slave by the kitchen bar all night.

TheΒ main ingredients are..

Ginger beer, vodka, gin or whisky, mint, and lime. I prefer my mule with Gin. It gives it a little bit more of a dry bite compared to the others and agrees more

Enjoying my mule with a taupe manicure

with my taste buds. Everyone adds their own spin to this wonderful spirit including flavored vodka’s like peach or raspberry. I like to add mashed fruit to

my Gin heaven like mango’s or blackberries. Try it! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I enjoy my gin mule with a taupe polished manicure.

How do you drink your Moscow Mule?

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