Fall Fashion Trends For 2017

Goodbye summer, hello Fall! Here are some fab fall fashion 2017 trends that will make you swoon!!

Lace with velvet trim

Fall is finally arriving and all of the dirty, earthy, taupe-y tones are coming back with a bang. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for and I’m excited to share my preferred fall looks with you all. Not only are colors the only perks but textures and patterns as well. I tend to wear more plaids and stripes, velvet and cashmere while incorporating hats and gloves. I love it!

Velvet crushes, floral obsessions, and cashmere for days.

  • Velvet pieces are on point this year
  • Add tights to skirts and dresses
  • Accessorize with light scarves and hats
  • Floral patterns and lace
  • Invest in cashmere anything
  • Incorporate suede and/or leather

Velvet is in this season and I’m loving it. Not only is velvet warm and comfortable, it is super stylish and pulls together any look. I styled my plum velvet pants with a mustard tee and added a hat for a dressed down look displayed above.

There are several tight trends for 2017 so try that nude tight with a black diamond pattern or that solid pair with a plum hue; both can look fab if worn with almost any colored dresses or skirts–step out of the box!

Fall scarves and hats not only keep you warm, but keep you looking stylish as well. Never underestimate the power of these two!

Floral prints and lace aren’t only for spring and summer they can also look fab in the fall and winter. Wear that floral dress with a suede blazer, tights, and booties.

Cashmere is super soft, warm, and comfy to wear so invest in that sweater dress; You won’t regret it.

Black suede slip on heels

Suede blazer, suede heels, suede leggings, buy anything suede and it gives your outfit a lux look every time. Leather leggings or jeans will add just enough polish and sheen. A leather jacket and boots will do the same.

What’s your favorite fall trend this season?


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