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    Quarantine Martini

    Quarantine Has Everyone In A Funk but fear not, I’m here to add to your cocktail happy hour, or happy day for that matter

    I seem to find that I have way more time on my hands these days and I run out of things to do and fill all of the hours in the day; Do you feel the same? All I know is that I am ready for some social-ness and hosting, so I’m going to share some easy cocktail ideas with you all; Hopefully it inspires you and gives you hope for future entertaining.

    Looking for some morning cocktail inspo? My Raspberry Mimosa won’t disappoint and if that isn’t your speed, don’t worry, the Cadillac Margarita recipe will help you get through this quarantine with ease!

    Before I get started with this raspberry martini recipe, I have to tell you a short story about Liber and Co. the company who made the Orgeat Syrup I used for part of the recipe. I needed orgeat syrup for a Gin Punch I was planning on making for my husbands 33rd birthday celebration. I invited a small group of close friends and family, ( small group because of the corona virus or else I would have invited way more people) and I couldn’t find any Orgeat syrup ANYWHERE in the area. I went from store to store and had zero luck, so naturally, I set my hopes on Google, and with only 5 short days til the celebration, I knew already I was going to pay extra for expedited shipping. This is how I found Liber and Co. Their reviews were stellar and only read great things about their syrups so I was sold. I purchased their orgeat syrup and paid for 2 day shipping. I received confirmation of their shipment that same day and was anxiously waiting for tracking information. For some reason, the package was stuck in Texas and hadn’t moved for two whole days…. I was freaking out. I reached out to liber and Co. and asked if maybe they had updated tracking info and they had the same information as I had. By this time, the party was only one day away and I knew it wouldn’t arrive on time. Liber and Co. asked me when my party was and they did the unexpected…. priority next day overnighted me an additional Orgeat syrup with e-mailed tracking information…..MIND BLOWN!! I can’t even explain to you how happy and excited I was to know that my party was going to stay on track and my gin punch was going to be a possibility after all. The syrup arrived the next morning at 11AM!!!

    Long story short, the gin punch was a hit; Everyone asked me what made it taste so good; I gave and give major props to Liber and Co. for their customer service and for them taking the initiative to not let shipping dictate my party destiny. Cheers to Liber and Co.!!!

    So Without Further A Do, My Raspberry Martini Recipe…

    What you will need:

    • 1/2 Ounce of Almond Orgeat Syrup from Liber and Co.
    • 1/2 Ounce of Chateau Monet Liquor Framboise
    • 1 Ounce of your favorite Vodka ( I used Kettle One)
    • 1/2 a can of Grapefruit Cardamom Press premium alcohol seltzer
    • Crushed Ice
    • Splash of fresh lemon juice

    In a cocktail shaker, add ice, almond orgeat syrup, chateau Monet liquor framboise and vodka and skake vigorously until frothy. pour into a chilled martini glass and add grapefruit cardamom press seltzer and finish with splash of freshly squeezed lemon to taste.

    Cheers Babes!!!

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