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    Made You Blush On Valentines

    Valentine’s Day 2019 is around the corner and I’m pretty sure we are all asking ourselves the same questions: What am I going to do & What am I going to wear?! Well ask yourselves no more!  I mean, at least only ask yourself what are you going to do, because I got the what am I going to wear bit handled for ya!

    Discussing all blush everything: From handbags, to dresses, shoes, prints, patterns, and textures, you are going to be all blushed out by the time I am finished with you. 😉 Believe it or not, the color blush comes in different shades similar to the color nude. Depending on your skin tone, a certain nude would look more flattering as would a blush. Another example of this would be red lipsticks, you cannot wear the same color lipstick your friend is wearing and expect it will look as flattering. Red lipsticks have blue and orange/pink undertones that will flatter a lighter or darker complexion. Anyway, let’s not get into lipsticks but you get my point; finding the perfect colored blush for your skin tone can make or break your outfit so worry no more, I will help you find the right shade of blush.

    Also, a side note, if blush isn’t your color no worries! Check out my other “Valentine’s Day dress guide “, my “Little black dress guide”, or even my “New profile dress” guide for plenty of color options, textures, and styles that would also work perfect for Valentines Day 2019.

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