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    BMW Cars & Babes

    I, babe, had the pleasure to collaborate with BMW of Murray and MINI of Murray and I could not be more excited!! This project initially started with an M manicure idea, (If you are a BMW fan you know what I’m talking about) and quickly turned into a lifestyle shoot including Mini vehicle models as well.

    Blue BMW M3
    2018 BMW M3

    Elated and flattered that I would even be considered for a lifestyle project and collaboration with BMW & MINI is seriously a huge deal to me and further validates I’m doing something right. (We all need validation at some point don’t act like the exception). 😉

    This brand new blue 2018 BMW M3 is seriously the shit. I had the privilege of driving it for the afternoon and was blown away with it’s sport performance and luxury feel, truly living up as the ultimate driving machine, I didn’t want to give it up.

    I am excited to see the new BMW models coming out later this year including the new re-designed X5 which literally has a “crystal” entertainment control knob dial. I mean…talk about extra, that was made for me!

    Do you prefer to drive sedans or SAV’s? Let me know if you are a Beemer fan in the comments below!

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